Monday, January 02, 2006


At the beginning of each year, we all ponder the ways for which we can "do better" in the coming year. Some of us choose to make concrete resolutions and some of us just ponder the idea and decide against it.

For those of us who are still pondering, I have created a suggestion list of New Year's resolutions that might be interesting to you.

In 2006, I am going to:
  • go to church every Sunday
  • eat more fruits and vegetables
  • lose 50 pounds
  • stop smoking
  • take the dog on longer walks
  • argue less with my next door neighbor
  • work on my road rage
  • eat out more so I have less dishes at home for someone else to wash
  • buy a bigger outdoor grill so I can eat at home more often
  • drink fewer margaritas
  • hire a maid
  • alleviate stress at work by sleeping in an extra hour each day
  • not make any resolutions that interfere with my current "Quality of Life"!

So who says that resolutions have to be restricting? Can't they be fun? A worthwhile resolution in any form can increase everyone's QOL in 2006.

Have fun with it and relax. You have 364 more days to think up a new one!

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