Monday, January 16, 2006

Tick tock, tick tock

That is the sound of the Aging Clock.

In one week, I reach the first milestone in the aging process. I am turning 40. Not 40 cartwheels......just 40. Now for some of my friends......its not about the number.....its all about the way you feel.

Well......I feel like I am 22. Can I do some of the things I could do when I was 22? No. Do I want to do some of the things that I did at 22? Heck no! One would hope that with age comes a bit of maturity. Hope is the keyword there for some people I have known in my lifetime.

Forty years is a long time. It's approximately the half way mark of the average lifespan of women in the United States. So this gives me the pause to reflect on this landmark birthday.

I have to think back to when I was 25 or so to remember conversations with other people who were turning 40. "Thank God" I thought "that's a long way off for me". Yet in a it comes. It feels like those first 40 years flew by. In reality though........time is time and I didn't lose a minute in all of those years.

Sure........reflecting back.....there are things that I would have done differently. I made some mistakes.......handled some things badly..........but who hasn't? We are human after all.

So this week I am taking a look back at the last 40 while I prepare for the next 40. I am trying to keep things in perspective and look forward to the next major chapter in my lifetime.

Am I celebrating? Ohhh yes. I have a manic weekend planned to ring in the beginning of the next chapter. I can't stop time and I cannot stop the labels that the aging process brings but I can ignore the labels and move forward in grand fashion.

Here's to everyone who turns 40 this year. May it be as fun for you as it will be for me!


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