Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Satellite Radio

After weeks of researching the two main satellite radio services (XM & Sirius), I bought my first radio and installed it in my truck today. I had heard good things about satellite radio service but up until a couple of weeks ago I didn't actually sit down and investigate the options.

I guess what you are thinking is "Why pay for radio?". Well....depending on what city you live in, the variety of music stations and talk stations vary greatly. Satellite provides a broader scope and more music format choices. I am no longer limited to what is available in Cincinnati. This is a conservative town and the liberal voices and opinions just aren't available.

After reviewing the formats offered by both XM Radio and Sirius, I chose Sirius. be honest....XM is number one in this industry. They do offer a few more music choices as well as MLB, Nascar, NHL and the PGA Tour. While I play golf myself, I get a little frightened by the notion that someone is actually listening to a PGA golf broadcast on the radio.

Sirius offered a couple of compelling stations that I just couldn't live without. The main one being the NFL channels. Imagine it........any NFL game playing at any time. Moreover, I can now listen to my favorite NFL team when I leave Cincinnati and continue to listen to it while I cross the countryside. No static and no station fade. Now that is fabulous.

They also offer more liberal broadcasting alternatives than XM. OutQ is solely aimed at the gay and lesbian audience. I was listening to it this afternoon and I must say I found it quite addicting. With approximately 100 stations could I ever be bored with radio again?

They also have the standard music choices......70's, 80's, Hip Hop, Rap, Country, Rock etc. You can't go wrong with a station dedicated only to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and one station dedicated to Elvis. Thank ya, thank ya vera much.

Technology is a grand thing and I love being submersed in the latest and greatest!

Ta Ta!

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