Monday, January 09, 2006

Between the Uprights

Wow......where do I begin this morning? First off, congratulations is due to the Bengals and Marvin Lewis for a tremendous effort in the 2005 season. They brought many fans great joy and hope with their performance on the field and we can expect only great things next season.

Now let's take a step back to last night's game against Pittsburgh. The game was over soon after the coin toss when Carson Palmer took a hit from a Steelers player on the second play. Does anyone "want" to believe that another person would maliciously attack another individual? one "wants" to believe that, but random acts of violence happen every day in our society.

Do I believe it was a deliberate hit? Yes I do. coach or player is ever going to admit that they deliberately went after a player. How stupid would that be? They would be penalized on the field and off the field with a huge fine. Instead, the player who took Carson out just stood there and clapped his hands together as if to say "Oh gawd.....what did I do?" Pffft......please.

What you didn't see via the televised broadcast was the Steelers team jumping up and down in jubilation after the play. We found this tidbit of information in reports after the game by the fans who were in attendance.

You can watch the replays all you want. Some say that the Steelers player simply bumped into Palmer as a result of a tackle. Hmmmm.......if that was true, then why was his arm tightly around Palmer's leg? The Steelers were threatened and they responded to the threat. They knew who the backup quarterback was and they knew of his reputation..........he was beatable.

So......while I would love to believe that this incident against Carson Palmer was a fluke.......I cannot. The replays do not prove it to me and the player's remarks do not prove it to me.

As for Carson, reports after the game last night say he has a torn ACL and MCL. He will be recovering from this for the next six months.

The 2005 season is over................on to 2006!

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