Friday, December 30, 2005

Auld Lang Syne

I guess we all have our own ways of ringing in the new year. Some of us will go out with friends or attend a party and some of us may just stay at home with our eyelids propped open to watch the ball drop on TV. Some folks will just head to bed around 10pm just to be awakend at midnight by rowdy neighbors!

For many years, the U.S. television networks have all had their own New Year's Eve telecasts. Remember Guy Lombardo? Yikes! He was a favorite of my grandparents. Yeah.....they really rocked on New Year's.

My favorite has been Dick Clark's Rockin Eve. He has been a fan favorite for at least 20 years. I am not really sure how long he has hosted the New Year's telecast but it seems that I don't remember too many years that didn't include Dick Clark. With the exception of last year when he suffered a stroke and millions of us thought we would have a stroke too as we endured Regis Philbun for the evening.

This year the show will be hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark. According to news reports, this is Dick's big "handoff" as host of the yearly telecast. Ryan Seacrest currently hosts the ever popular "American Idol". Now, I don't know about you, but have you seen Dick Clark since he has had his stroke? I am envisioning a "Weekend at Bernie's" type of a broadcast. Dick just standing there and Ryan swinging his arm around and lip syncing for him. is a pitiful image.

Now I have not seen a picture of Dick since the stroke. I don't think one has been publicized. Recent news reports say that Dick will not be in a wheelchair during the broadcast and his voice is not quite what it once was but he does sound like Dick Clark. How reassuring is that?

I will be waving a grand farewell to 2005 tomorrow night. Here's hoping that Dick Clark makes it through the broadcast!

Happy New Year!

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