Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mining Disaster

Disaster is the keyword here.

In hindsight, we all have an opinion on this one. Clearly, the jump to jubilation of surviving miners two miles under the earth was a grievous error. This simply started a tidal wave of early celebrations by the CEO of the mining company and the Governor of West Virginia. A decision that will haunt both of these men for a long time. Will it cost either one a career? Undoubtedly, after a Congressional Inquiry and during a long gubernatorial race for which all of the safety concerns will be dredged to the surface.

The Federal Govt and the White House have already started the process for opening investigations into this incident. The WH Press Secretary stated that GW has had an aggressive mining regulation agenda filled with heavy fines and penalties based on mine safety. Hmmm...interesting. Maybe I missed that due to the other coverage that GW has received (IRAQ, Afghanistan, etc).

In any case........the emotional turmoil dumped on to the family members of these miners was unnecessary and unforgivable. Yes....mining is an ugly job and it involves great risks to human life. This is something the family members of miners live with every day of their lives. They did not ask for the additional emotional baggage brought on by the miscommunication and ineptness of this mining company.

Stay tuned..........

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