Thursday, January 26, 2006

I survived!

Well......I survived turning 40. After a busy busy weekend ringing it in I have had a non-stop busy week to ring it out with!

A couple of reflections on some current events.........

  • Cheer up Oprah. You aren't the first person to review and support a disceptive story. We have had to endure President Bush for the last five years. Now there's a book!
  • We now know who will play in Superbowl 40. Go Seahawks! Reviewing the Steelers film over the last couple of weeks should give you some tips to win.'s all about the knees.
  • "Miss Scarlett, Miss Scarlett! The Republicans are running Washington like a plantation!" Hmmmm......come to think of it.....the White House does look like Tara. Thanks Hillary!
  • What was I listening to before Sirius??
  • The Army is stretched too thin. Rumsfeld denies report. Bush agrees with Rumsfeld. Condeleeza nods politely. Business as usual.

I think you can consider yourself caught up.

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