Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I wanted to do this post in typical Rosie fashion (in Haiku) but I decided that would be too much of an effort on a President who needs to move along.

Is anyone else disturbed by the latest hostage offering? Granted, Jill Carroll is in Iraq under her own volition. She is a freelance journalist for the Christian Science Monitor. She didn't have to be there. She thought she could go and make a difference......to document the good things that were happening in Iraq. She is now the latest in a list of hostages that have been snatched since this "war" started.

Should we dare consider ourselves lucky that we haven't had more American hostages taken? I can't help but to look at the latest video offered by Al-Jeezera and feel increased disdain on why we are still there. Why does Jill Carroll have to be the latest victim? She is obviously no threat to the terrorist agenda. The pure agony on her face is enough for anyone to think..........what happens next? Would they dare behead her on television? They have done it before it grand style.

We are less than thirty minutes away from the State of the Union Address. The President is seeing the lowest approval numbers than any President in history and his speech will surely reflect some of the same sentiment as the last 5 years. Betcha he will speak for all of us tonight in his speech. "America remains strong and we will hold our ground and not back down to terrorists".

Will Jill Carroll pay the ultimate price for GW's speech tonight? Will she be just one of many Americans who have died at the hands of a terroristic band of thugs? Can you imagine what it would be like to have your entire life in someone else's hands? She has hopes and dreams just like any other Twentysomething. She deserves to fulfill some of those dreams.

No matter what happens...........you cannot stop time. With each tick of the clock, time is slowly chipping away at GW's presidency. The American people are not buying the rhetoric anymore. Mr. President, we want you to keep this country safe. Its time that the troops come home and begin protecting the USA.

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