Monday, April 28, 2008

Check please!

This phrase could not be more apropos for me than it is today. While thousands of Americans received a "little sumthin sumthin" in their savings/checking account (while I await my own stimulus check), I am more than ready to say "check please" at my workplace and run screaming away on vacation.

I am mentally done. I have finished my tasks and I have no demands that are left undone. My brain is tired of dealing with educated adults who act like uneducated children. The workplace now reminds me of the Willie Wonka Veruca character....."I want it nowwwww Daddy". My brain is tired of the demands of the "Verucas" of this world. It only wants one thing at this point - Napa Valley and all it has to offer.

I have found that two weeks of vacation really recharges me. I know that one week can be nice, but that really is too close to leaving and coming back to really make a significant difference. Two weeks are quite lovely I must say. (as I hear my work phone ringing in the distance) Ugh!

I have not taken more than two weeks off at any time although I can imagine it must be extraordinarily spectacular. I have known people to take a month off in one shot and go to distance lands like Australia and the like. I don't know if I would want to use up all of my vacation in one sitting. No....I would have to have a day here or there (a week) to use later in the year.

So what are your plans for vacation this year? Something phenomenal? Something domestic? Something where you are waited on 24x7 perhaps? (wow....that sounds good even as I type it!)

What does it take for you to scream CHECK PLEASE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

yes, being waited on hand and foot 24x7 does sound quite nice.

and, for the record, i've been yelling check please since november.

Hahn at Home said...

Man, do I hear you! You'll have a blast and be so tired from all you do/see, you'll need to go back to work to rest.

I love the Veruca thing - very funny. Love that movie. So get the sentiment.