Sunday, April 06, 2008

IKEA. If You Buy It, You Must Build It.

Rita hates to shop.

But extend the offer to include taking a handsome 1 year-old there as part of his birthday celebration and she's on board.

So we went yesterday afternoon. I'm no fool. Access to both SUV and extra hands to carry the flat-but-heavy boxes? Score.

Four lesbians, one child, one stroller, one cart, a diaper bag, assorted toys, cereal bits, sippy cups. The list. And a pencil.

Uh, 'scuse me for a sec. She needs a hammer.

Okay. Crisis averted.

So we started in the showroom and children's section. Mom and son loved the brightly colored room options -- pre-shopping for his big boy bed to come and wonderful storage options for his own personal Toys R Us section.

Robin found some new bedroom furniture she liked.

I lingered a bit in the work space area. Choosing four different styles/combinations before settling on my new Gustav desk and cabinet.

Rita and Robin were entertained through most of this by the little man -- he'd scored a plush soccer ball and was quite content developing his hand/eye coordination. Or maybe it was the fun of tossing the ball and watching three lesbians scramble for it...

So after an hour or so on the showroom floor, we go downstairs.

I was a bit concerned. Rita kept looking at the map and mumbling something about any store requiring a map is just too big.

But mom and baby were just getting started.

Storage items. Kitchenware. Plastic cups. Sheets. Doggie dishes.

By this time, I've left Rita sitting on a pile of door mats near the checkouts, looking troubled. She was no longer humming Abba tunes and seemed to be reliving her trip through the maze to meet me in Aisle 10, bin 23. "I went left, then right, then saw what seemed to be an open route, then left... like a rat in a maze."

About 2.5 hours after walking in, we checked out -- all in all, an effiecient trip. We all bought one or more items. Even the non-shopper.

And now it's Sunday. I tried to discourage beginning the 'build'. It's 60 degrees and sunny. But we're underway.

Bailey is supervising.


Lynt said...

update: construction complete. it's a thing of beauty!

now i want to paint the work nook...

CJ said...

Good job ladies. Sounds like it was a productive trip. I think you did well to get through there in 2.5 hours considering the map and all!

Rita said...

CJ...I kid you not...each floor had a map. You literally weaved your way around each floor. They made use of every inch of floor space to showcase everything they had in stock. I was completely dazed and confused with the whole experience!

And now I have to go back because I want to pick up another set of dishes to match what I bought on Saturday!! Madness I tell ya!