Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday morning ramblings

I have begun my day early today thanks to a little fluffy dog named Bailey. That's ok....I had lots of things to accomplish this morning. I am including a few of the highlights or low-lights of the week.

  • Now I like oysters but even this story had me feeling a bit overwhelmed and gagging. Just don't know how people do it.
  • Those of you who have been reading this blog may know that a group of friends and myself have allowed ghost hunting to become an interesting hobby. I am not quiting my day job as of yet because it is not a job that will immediately pay you millions (don't think TAPS is making millions yet either). However, it is a very interesting hobby indeed. I have renamed my second blog to incorporate our new team name - Paranormal Investigators of Cincinnati. Check it out!
  • Here we are so close to the Pennsylvania Primary and I am still not happy with the way things are going for our Democrats. The campaign fight is getting more bitter and it usually does as the nominees battle it out. However, why is it that the media hypes the bitter fighting as unfair by each candidate? It's not unfair and quite frankly I would think that to clear the air of all issues you would need to hear more of this type of direct critiques otherwise you may appear weak. I still have doubts that Obama can beat McCain and I am not afraid to admit that openly and IN PRINT!
  • Has any other state in the nation - other than Ohio - banned smoking in all public places? If is that working out for you? I must admit that going into a bar to listen to a local lesbian band is quite nice without being choked with smoke. Last night we went into a bar which had the No Smoking (with the listed fines attached to it) all over the place but the local rural lesbians were just puffing away. Just love it when the public votes something into law that can't be enforced completely by state officials. Cough cough!

Ok.....enough jabbering.....time for coffee!


Queers United said...

i think obama can definitely beat mccain, i think either hillary or obama will defeat mccain

CJ said...

Not so sure Obama can beat McCain. I think it really could go either way. I think Hillary would have a better chance.

There is no smoking in any public places in Massachusetts, except maybe private clubs (not sure if that is still the case). They even want to make it illegal here to smoke in a car if there are kids under 5 in the vehicle. I don't smoke, so I really enjoy being able to go out without worrying about second hand smoke. Folks here seem to have gotten used to the idea.

Dyketastic said...

As of the new year there is no smoking in public places in Chicago. It annoys me a little but it hasn't slowed my pack a day habit.

As long as I can still smoke at home. Although there are talks about creating smoking bans in apartment buildings.

Hahn at Home said...

California - Some towns even have laws that say you can't smoke in your own home if you live in a condo/apartment. Or on the street.

drowning pisces said...

Colorado - I *think* the entire state know.... not sure on that.. but..

There was a bit of an uproar for awhile.. from the bars mostly... but now... it's pretty much just the way it is...