Thursday, April 10, 2008

Katie Reider

Some of you may have read my blog posting in May 2007 about a great local musician Katie Reider. I know that some of you may have your own local favorite musicians so you can appreciate it when I say that Katie certainly has something unique to offer the music industry. I have met Katie on occasion at some of her venues and while I don't know her personally she is truly one of the sweetest and most receptive musicians that I have ever met. Her music has a certain "something" that strikes a cord in everyone. Perhaps it is her personality and her music that makes her a very charming package. the last year we found out that Katie is suffering from a Myofibroblastic Inflammation tumor in her head and face. Yeah.....sounds scary to me too. I have been reading her not so frequent postings on her myspace page and while she has been soooo positive you fear for her as she struggles through this medical fiasco. My heart really does ache for her as she and her family - partner and two small children - cope with the day to day struggles that this tumor has brought into their lives. You have to ask the familiar question - why her?
A website has been established to show her how much she is supported and loved by her fans. It is called 500,000 hits in 365 days. It is a site to unite fans, musicians, family and friends behind Katie as she faces this ongoing battle.
If you do nothing else after reading my blog today, please make one stop at the 500,000 website in support of Katie. Stop by her myspace page (link in 2nd paragraph) and listen to the four songs that she has on her page. This is truly a talented individual who has the ability to reach out and connect with many people.
To purchase Katie Reiders music, specifically her latest CD, Simplicity, please visit this Amazon link below or find her on iTunes.


Hahn at Home said...

Done and done.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the great blog, I love this stuff. I don’t usually do much for Earth Day but with everyone going green these days, I thought I’d try to do my part.

I am trying to find easy, simple things I can do to help stop global warming (I don’t plan on buying a hybrid). Has anyone seen that is promoting their Earth Day (month) challenge, with the goal to get 1 million people to take their carbon footprint test in April?... I took the test, it was easy and only took me about 2 minutes and I am planning on lowering my score with some of their tips.

I am looking for more easy fun stuff to do. If you know of any other sites worth my time let me know.

CJ said...

I paid the site a visit. Thanks for the info.