Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pigs do fly.......

in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati has a pork-filled history as part of its heritage. In the early 1900's it was known as "Porkopolis" because of its pork processing plants. No one produced more pork products than Cincinnati. As part of that tradition, the flying pig has become synonymous with our fair little city.

The pig has been honored in statues - all over the city in 2000/2001 - as seen below.

It also has been eaten in some very fine barbeque restaurants all over town. While "mom-n-pop" and franchise barbeque restaurants are all over the city, the most notable is the Montgomery Inn. Mmmmmm........the ribs are good there! I suggest a slab of ribs followed up by some Graeters Black Raspberry Chip Ice Cream for dessert.

And lastly.....the pig is honored in the "Flying Pig Marathon". The marathon is happening this weekend. It is your typical 26 mile run for the riblets. Ok....that is stretching it a bit. They aren't reeeally running for ribs here. If they were, I would be running! The race is a Boston Qualifier so I guess if you can run this they figure you can run with the big boys and girls in Baaaa-ston.
So the next time you ever have the opportunity to stop in Cincinnati or if you are just passing through, you will see a flying pig here and there. It's just a part of the local history and the best entree in the local restaurants.


lynt said...

Cincy trivia... or to see how well you pay attention if you live here -- where can you actually see a pig with wings? rita will cook for the winner. (she'll pay the shipping, too:))

Hahn at Home said...

That's like they did with cows in Chicago - very cool. My son J-Man would be in hog heaven there. He's a pig fanatic.