Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas decorations

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of opinions on when it is the best time to decorate for Christmas. In my opinion, thirty days ago was too soon and twenty days from now is too late. I subscribed to the whole "day after Thanksgiving" notion. I mean, if I am going to shop for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, why not decorate for it too? This year, however, I was so tired from my midnight shopping brigade at the outlet mall, I just couldn't get it done on time as planned. I am running a little bit behind but I have managed to do some light decorating tonight as I watched the evening news.

"Light decorating" means one small tree in my living room, one small tree in the family room, a wreath above the fireplace and a Santa hat on my front door. I have not put up the lighted garland around the banister leading down to the family room and I haven't "decked out the cats". So I am doing pretty well methinks.......

So what is too early and what is too late? Obviously, Christmas trees that are still twinkling on Valentine's Day is waaaaaay too late and may indicate that someone needs a good therapy session. YIKES! Lyn calls me "Mother Christmas" because of my endless humming of Christmas carols and the need to throw up the decorations while munching on a leftover turkey sandwich. And, I have been known to listen to Christmas carols before Thanksgiving Day. Sad but true.

So let me see a show of hands! Have you started to decorate already or are you waiting until next month?



Lynt said...

Oscar, BG, run now before it's too late! Blinking, musical collars just aren't right.

Bah. Humbug.

Hahn at Home said...

Day after T-giving. Usually. Sometimes not at all. Sometimes the weekend before. Depends upon my level of sanity.

drowning pisces said...

haven't had anything for a couple of years. Thinking about starting back slow. Maybe a wreath this year.