Saturday, November 10, 2007

Price Hill on Percocet

Pain management. What a concept. After two nights of no sleep, my post op doc visit yesterday yielded a new pain relief tool -- percocet.

Wow. The doc wasn't kidding when he said he'd give me something stronger. I slept like a baby. And dreamed in technicolor and then some. Vivid, weird, almost epic-length dreams. (Clearly I missed something in all those years of just saying no!)

One dream I think might actually be worth sharing with city leaders, for I now have a 'vision' for just how to bring one of Cincinnati's most historic, and currently most troubled, on-the-edge neighborhoods back. Well, at least bring it back aesthetically. I'll leave the social problems to the bevy of fine organizations (my own employer included) already at work in the neighborhoods.

As I told nurse this morning...

"I was lost in Price Hill, and J came to find me because I was late for dinner at her house. You know, she used to live there. We were climbing up and down all those hills . And my knee didn't hurt. And it was a really cool, safe place."

"That's nice. Do you want some coffee? I made coffee. Didn't you hear the grinder?"

"No, I was in Price Hill. The row houses were like really spruced up... they had terraces. And people were sitting outside, drinking wine. And then there was a sushi place."

"Why would you go to Price Hill for sushi? Did they have espresso bars too? Y'know, Price Hill could use an espresso bar; right next to Price Hill Chili. It's 9 o'clock. Did you take more medicine? What time did you take the medicine?"

"And the sidewalks... they were really smooth. Like marble. It was really amazing. Everything was gentrified. There were no cash advance stores. No 'we buy ugly houses' signs on the street poles. I wish I could draw. Then you could see what I mean. It looked so cool..."

"How many did you take? And everyone had a little white dog, right? Really...let's get you some coffee."

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Hahn at Home said...

World peace could be achieved if only we all took percocet, huh?