Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Post-Op Musings

  • I have a GREAT nurse. She's kept me fed (meatloaf and peas!), watered, properly elevated, iced and drugged, taken out the trash, provided excellent reading material, and seems to be dealing quite well with all the little quirks anesthesia brings out in me. And I'm sure she was THRILLED to go back to work today and rest.
  • About the little quirks. On Sunday I completely re-arranged all the furniture and decor items in my house. I decided if I had to sit and look at it for three days or so, it needed to change. Then I became OBSESSED with keeping it neat. That only grew post-op. I must have asked 14 times yesterday that the rug in front of the sofa be straightened. And that the candles on the mantle be moved just a smidge to the left. That the new artwork on the dining room wall -- visible from my sofa perch -- be straightened and if it wouldn't stay, tacked down with two-sided tape.
  • The most annoying quirk -- the five miles of Ace wrap attached to my leg. I've pinned it, pulled it, re-wrapped it, and right about now, am wondering what purpose it really serves.
  • The knee was apparently not a pretty site on the inside. I seem to have no cartilage, much arthritis. I'm eager to get the sentence directly from the doc on Friday. Then I'll be seeking a new gym -- one with a pool and pilates. URRRGh. What the hell can I do with an I-pod in a pool?


Sue said...

Dee and I wish you a speedy recovery :) Glad to hear I'm not the only one with "recovery quirks"!

Rita said...

All that time at home and she hasn't bought one thing from QVC!