Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday Meatloaf Meanderings

Since I'm avoiding the impending Monday Night Football fiasco, a few thoughts from this lesbian life as the week begins...

Meatloaf is good stuff. Especially when someone else makes it for you. Thanks Rita. Low-carb without bread crumbs and all... it's still comfort food. Hated it when I was a kid. Love it now and I'm convinced it's all about the comfort. Yummy good. Especially when it's a Monday leftover.

Coffee is good stuff, too, and a Red Eye is the best way I know to start off the work week. It's even better when it's free. This morning I waited patiently in the drive-thru line at my local independent coffee purveyor -- JET Coffee. It's just down the street from the green mermaid place and doing its darndest to inspire loyalty in its customers without a multi-million $ concept and brand standards out the wazoo. I stop now because it's on the right side of the street and just before the highway onramp -- no left turns required. For the previous few years I stopped for a smile from barista Elizabeth. But she's off to grad school in Iowa (????) so I settle for the coffee.

And today it was FREE.

Apparently a regular customer every so often hands over a $20 and says 'pay it forward' or the coffee equivalent, meaning the next few cars in line get a free fix. How cool is that? Doesn't it make you wonder what little thing each of us might be able to do to share the love on a did me. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with.

I also want to muse for a moment on the cool lesbian flick we caught almost by accident this weekend. The Gymnast is a beautifully shot look at a mid-life crisis (far different from my own!) and a former athlete's journey to reclaim her past athletic/artistic success while discovering her own sex/sense-uality. She finds incredible strength within herself, both physical and emotional. Though I'm embarassed to say I'd picked the wrong woman as the love interest for the lead character... yes, I saw the poster in the lobby.


Hahn at Home said...

Your QB sucks, huh?

Lynt said...

That is SOOOO not funny. It's the defense and number of injuries that suck. And the fact that the Patriot's cheat.

BTW, HAH is my new favorite reading spot -- I'm all the way back to 2006 in the archives. Kept thinking I was missing meaning in your current posts...

Hahn at Home said...

Thanks! Missing meaning--well, I've been a bit distracted lately and I also have a tendency to get a little random. But, I appreciate your patience, and if you need me to connect any dots, I'll be happy to, just for you!

Sorry about the QB crack!