Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ghost adventure

It is Sunday morning and I find myself up early (as usual) thinking about my first ghost adventure tomorrow night. My friends and I will be going to the home of a co-worker who has had some mysterious things happening at her house for years. We have managed to equip ourselves with some basic "equipment" so that we can try and catch some ghostly phenomena in action. I can easily see how you could spend quite a bit of money on this type of thing so we are moving slowly with this hobby.

Tomorrow nights investigation should be interesting. I have prepared myself to experience "something" while I am there so I am not caught by surprised if something dramatic should happen. I don't want to be the first one running from the house! So expect the unexpected is my thought process right now as I try to keep my mind open and skeptical. You have to be a bit of a skeptic with this whole thing so you can rule out local environmental impacters (noisy water pipes, etc) as voices from beyond the grave.

My co-worker and her husband have lived with this "ghost" for some time and have gotten used to its presence in their home. Apparently it has made one playful appearance to their grandson and gave the little guy a good scare. Children and animals are much more open-minded and naive so they will see ghosts more often. Me on the other hand.....closing in on age 42..........require a stockpile of electronic equipment just to get a glimpse of them. I'm thinking we could have just rented a child for the night and he/she could provide all the data we need! I can't help but be reminded of the little boy in the Sixth Sense......"I see dead people".

Lyn will be staying home tomorrow night still recovering from the fact that I am out gallivanting after ghosts. Yes.....she is a true skeptic but I think some of that skepticism is derived out of the idea that she might actually have a ghostly encounter and that would counterattack years of sound reasoning and practical judgement. I am hoping that after hearing a few ghostly recordings she will come around. It is doubtful that she will ever come out on a ghost expedition with me but she may stop evaluating the need to refer me to a good psychiatrist and submit a new personal ad to!



Lynt said...

No one's ever accused me of sound reasoning and practical judgement before; in fact, just the opposite. I am, however, perfectly content to watch D.I.P.S. live up to their name. I've admitted to my mid-life crises...

Not the Only One in the Village said...

Good luck with the first night out!
Can't wait to hear about it. Lived in a house yrs ago and always got a really creepy feeling just outside the front door area. In fact, a lot of friends and family experienced the same. It was an old forge at a crossroads and there was an overgrown water pump just across from it. A few years after moving out, I got talking to an old guy who was writing a local history book. He told me that the hanging green of the old medieval village, now long gone, used to be across the road from the forge!!

Hahn at Home said...

So, how did it go?