Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's be frank about the NFL

Ok....let's talk about where we all are in the NFL season. Some of you out there are a little better off than the Bengals and some of you are a lot better off than the Bengals and some of that is because your team has beaten the Bengals!

But let's look at the facts as they stand right now. Let's all sit down and be honest with ourselves, shall we? If you are in the AFC, it does not matter what you do or how well your season is going along. The AFC representative in the Super Bowl is going to be the Colts or the Patsies. Plain and simple.........let's not sugar coat this anymore. What is the point? Both of them have outstanding records and are playing fantabulous football. Tom Brady may even set a few new records this season. This leaves the other AFC teams as bride's maids. I mean.....the Colts and the Patsies have to play someone right? We just can't give them immediate rights to the Superbowl. We have to make it look legit and everything.

Let's look at the NFC. I will ask those readers to weigh in on their NFC teams and correct me if I am wrong. Is the Dallas Cowboys the best that the NFC can do? I have to say.....if it is.....the NFC is as sunk as the other teams trying to win in the AFC. The AFC looks mighty strong right now. We have the two most powerful teams in the league.

So riddle me this........does the NFC have a team that can take the Colts or the Patsies down? If it came down to a Superbowl game, are we going to just skip it because its going to be a yawner or is it going to be a competitive match? The Patsies are damn near close to being called "The Evil Empire". For those of you not familiar with that is a name that has been given to the New York Yankees. Nobody wants to see the Yankees win because they have such a long history of doing it. Been there done that........its not worth sitting home watching it on TV if the Yankees are in it.

Inside Massachusetts, no one dares to think that the rest of the nation is thinking that of their Patriots........but we are. The team with the nickname "America's Team" is the Dallas Cowboys. At some point in the past, they had the old "Dubya" Texas swagger so I guess it might be a tip of the hat to those old Texas Republican oilmen.

But I digress...........what say ye? Is there a team out there that can break the back of the best two teams in the NFL? Remember, the Colts and the Patsies can't go there together. One has to win it all for the AFC. Being in the mid-west my money is on Peyton Manning. He has a quiet confidence and has nothing to prove.

If you are good and you come about it honestly, you have nothing to prove. Your game says it all.



Sue said...

A Page From My Book:

I've decided to “step up to the plate” and add my opinion since I hold all things New England near and dear to me, especially the Red Sox and Patriots. First I'd like to add to the "Evil Empire" definition. The Yankees are not just called the "Evil Empire" because they seemed to have the market on is HOW they HANDLED their success, especially the fans ~ very SMUGLY, not to mention POOR sportsmanship from both players and fans when God forbid they did lose. Most importantly, the NYY come across as some corporate America powerhouse ~ and don't get me started on commercial endorsements [the only commercials we see our Red Sox AND Patriots players on is supporting New England based franchises such as Dunkin Donuts and Papa Gino's. Once Vinatieri did a Ford commercial...for New England Ford.] Peyton Manning has been in several NATIONAL commercial spots BEFORE and after the Super Bowl win....and yes, in some circles this is perceived as a little smug but oh well, we giggle and snicker and change the channel or in most cases…FAST FORWARD!

Most Red Sox and Patriots players and fans alike are the middle class, blue collar, every day guy/ know "The Band of Idiots" that most people can't help falling in love with, the comrades who cheer with each other when we win and cry with each other win we lose and say whole-heartedly ”well, there is always next year." New England fans KNOW heartache and loss and we’ve taken it with pretty good stride. Yikes, according to you, if the BoSox do happen to win the World Series [oh happy day] is the rest of America going to point and call us “The Evil Empire” because we have won 2 World Series wins in 3 years??

And a thought on “the controversy” ~ the Patriots' COACH was caught with his hands in the cookie jar (haven’t we all on one level or another?) ~ doing something he shouldn't have been doing and who knows ~ other coaches might have done or are still doing the same thing ~ ok, we get it, we got it and have moved on. We (the fans and team) are still taking the "one game at a time" attitude ~ we WANT excitement, a challenge. And we have NEVER taken on a “holier than thou” attitude ~ God knows, most of the games haven’t been pretty but somehow the team managed to pull it off ~ what is more exciting than that? We are looking forward the Colts ~ they are the defending champions, not us ~ should be an exciting game. We HOPE it’s an exciting game. But for now, at this moment in time, the BoSox are preparing for their first game of the World Series as are the Colorado Rockies. My favorite mantra of late is “yesterday is history, today is A present and tomorrow is a mystery.” May the best team win and may all the fans have a great time watching and rooting! Because win or lose, it’s all about the experience…at least in my book ;-)

Rita said...

**slowly stepping up to the pulpit**
Wow...let's have a big AMEN for Sister Sue's passionate sermon on "What it means to be a Patriots fan". It was a tad bit predictable. Try not to let the Peyton Manning commercials bother you too much. Perhaps if we are lucky he will revisit SNL with yet another United Way spoof!

Don't think you will find any takers on calling the Boston Red Sox the "EE" since they were seen as the underdog in 2004 with the whole curse thing over their heads - entirely different story than the Patsies.

Go Sox!

Lynt said...

can everyone just take a deep, cleansing breath? thanks. remind me again when college basketball starts?

now, i'm probably the only one here who should be commenting on peyton manning's acting ability -- best damn spoof of a really-bad commercial i've ever seen. and believe me, i've seen (and written) many.

off to watch the sox beat up on the rockies...

Sue said...

Well, at least when it comes to sports ~ we agree on one thing ~ The Red Sox :)

Our Father, who art at Fenway...
Baseball be thy game,
Thy Homeruns shall come,
and the Playoffs to be won,
On Earth, then on to the Cask 'n' Flagon.

Give us this day, a perfect Papi,
And forgive us our losses,
As we forgive those,
Like Bill Buckner.

And lead us not, into desperation,
But deliver us from losses,
For Mani is the Power,
And the Glory,
To beat the Rockies.

Forever and ever.....the Yankees suck.