Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ghost results

Ok.....I am going to preface my blog entry today with the statement that my "Working the Room" blog is not going to turn into a ghost blog. :) Both Lyn and I are too opinionated to be partial to ghost entries every single day. So........I will probably create a new blog dedicated to our ghostly adventures and link it back to this one!

Our adventure at the home of my co-worker proved to be a disappointing one. The normally frisky spirit clammed up tighter than an oyster shell while we were in the house. We took a lot of pictures - digital and 35mm, recorded about 45 minutes of audio and had a video camera positioned upstairs to try and gain something we would have missed while spending our time in the basement of her home. After reviewing the data last night, while we gained a better foothold on what we should have done and not done, we did not record any ghostly data. In fact the most excitement we had on our first ghostly tour was my friend getting spooked by a electronic air freshener that chose to go off 3 feet above her head in the basement. We did record the screams on that one and it was all very very funny.

So while we didn't get any real data on this trip, we are looking forward to our next adventure. I would like to go out once a month to experience some kind of phenomena. I still believe that ghosthunting is feast or famine.........probably famine most of the time. So we have to be patient. I am sure that we are not going to experience something every time we go out. The door to my co-worker's house has been left open to us in case we want to make a return trip there someday and give it another shot. Always a good option............

In the meantime.....I will work on another blog in the next few weeks and link it back to this one for everyone who may be interested in reading about this type of thing. I have to say it was still very exciting and I look forward to my next adventure!


Hahn at Home said...

Who ya' gonna' call?

Sounds like a lot of fun, even if the result wasn't quite what you'd hoped. Everyone should have an interest and why not this?

lynt said...

still think the g-blog should be called d.i.p.s

thanks for keeping this space available for non-ghostly endeavors, commentary and lesbian-lore..