Friday, September 28, 2007


Ok....before I begin to talk about something really scary (the Bengals and Patriots game on Monday night) I must comment on the whole ghost thing!

Now I know it might be a bit freaky to think about the whole ghosthunting thing but this is something that I am really fascinated by. Personally....I have never seen a ghost.....ever. I have had friends who look so bad they are ghost-like.....perhaps even ghoulish........but I have never actually seen something from the great beyond. The ghost shows on TV intrigue me and the stories that people recall about being terrorized by spirits can be very unnerving. So I can't help but be fascinated by the whole paranormal phenomena. I am an Aquarius after all and we have eccentric interests so I am par for the course here.

There used to be a television show on called Haunted.....Haunting...something like that....from the UK that I really enjoyed. These folks would bring psychics with them to feel out the spirits even more and provide background information. They had all sorts of fun on that program.

Anyway.....I am slowly building the necessary equipment to catch some paranormal activity. Oh shoes.....but some nice electronic equipment that might provide some concrete results that these things are amongst us. So anyway.....more on that if something exciting happens.


Ok......the Bengals play the Patriots on Monday Night Football. While in years past I would be excited about the prospects of kicking some Patriot-ass, I am not thrilled about this meeting. The Bengals (somehow) have managed to start the year with disastrous results. We are now 1-2 thanks to losses to Cleveland and Seattle. Just fabulous! Now we have the Patriots at home in front of a nationwide television audience and stand a good chance of being even more embarrassed.

It is my hope......that somewhere......from someones pocket....playbook....diary......we managed to pull together some plays, tricks, slight of hand........that allows us to beat the Patsies. Could it be that the Patsies will take us for granted after our last two losses and not bring their game? This would be my fondest wish because I would really like to be the one sending a voicemail to my Boston friends after a win against them.

This is probably the only game that I will watch with my eyes closed. GO BENGALS!


Lachlan said...


Now, I've done some paranormal investigation, fyi. It's quite interesting. We belong to a group here in WA called WSPIR. Check it

Not the Only One in the Village said...

The UK show was/is called 'Most Haunted' - it is good! got Series 1 on DVD.
Good luck - PS: there's a website out there somewhere that keeps a web-cam permanently trained, that refreshes every 30 seconds, on some old woollen mill in Belfast and apparently over the yrs, viewers have recorded loads. (Called ghost cam or something).
Hey! you could have the first ghost-cam blog!!!:-)

Rita said...

YAY! I love it! A ghost-cam blog! I could have a ghost-cam blog ring between me and the other folks who read my blog!

How fabulous! :)

This idea has sent Lyn over the edge this morning!