Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Big Brother is finally over. I'm either aging out of my reality TV obsession or am just generally more easily troubled by some of these losers. So I'll ask a question -- why don't we ever see stereotypical middle-age or approaching that lesbians on these shows?

Wouldn't it be at least mildly amusing to throw a soft butch, ballcap-wearing dyke from the Midwest into the mix? Or even someone who makes us suspect they just might be that person. Not a femmed-out 20 something...

I don't know, the ad for the new Jodie Foster movie comes to mind. Sure, she plays a revenge-seeking bad grrl, but the image has certainly brightened up my Yahoo portal homepage the last couple of days. C'mon, be honest, I'm not the only one. (I may, however, have been the only one to spend a lunch hour reading the NYT in-depth analysis of why such roles work for Jodie). But I digress.

Adding an honest-to-goddess lesbian or two would vastly improve the competitions. And the potential for self-actualization, group process and drama of a whole new sort. And I think it has to be Big Brother. Not Survivor -- that's way too easy (and has been done. and done. and done.)

How about designing a season around a lesbian softball (volleyball, soccer, etc.) team? Even the average lesbian potluck gathering has been known to provide a season's worth of drama.

Hmmm. Nominees? Volunteers?

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Rita said...

Wow....I think I will leave the whole "potluck drama" thing alone!!

But yes....a ballcap wearing butch in the center of the Big Brother house would be a welcomed amusement. I dare CBS to be bold enough to do it.

We endured Dustin and Joe this season on Big Brother.....why not?