Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coach Beli-cheat

As some of you may know, it was reported this week that the Patriots used a video camera to tape the defensive plays of the Jets this past Sunday. Of course, the Patsies beat the Jets soundly 38-14.

NFL Commissioner Goodell is now investigating since it is a league rule that teams cannot use video equipment to tape the other team. Oddly soon as Coach Belichick found out that his team was being investigated he issued an apology for the "commotion" that his team has caused surrounding the spying incident. Apparently, he has his own "interpretation" of league rules. Yeah.......whatever.

So my question is - is Belichick really a great coach because he is a mastermind of the game or is he simply great because he has to cheat to win? Talk about a no confidence vote on the abilities of your own team! YIKES!

One final word on this...........Come on down to Cincinnati boys and leave your video cameras behind. I would rather have you beat the Bengals honestly than to cheat to get the quick win!


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