Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Let me start by acknowledging I'm a skeptic about many things in life -- the 'paranormal' is just one more. See previous posts on religious upbringing for proof.

Let me also say I fully support individuals' freedom to choose and pursue any and all hobbies they like. Have fun. Really. That said...

Rita and another friend have a new hobby. They are going to chase ghosts. In graveyards. In peoples' homes. Really. Give them a call. They'll soon be appropriately outfitted and will be glad to check it out. Equipment is being purchased as I type.

*hum theme from ghostbusters here*

The root of all this was an opportunity for local folks to participate in a ghosthunting at a local courthouse that's 100+ years old and, being in Kentucky, was likely the site of all sorts of mischief. When they tried to register to attend, they found the event was at capacity and they were on a waiting list of some 85 people (!?).

The madness has ensued from there. Best as I can tell (since I chose not to join in last night's preview of the new Ghost Hunters TV series) they've actually purchased some sort of recording device, are looking into some other piece of ghost-spotting paraphernalia, and possibly even shoes. Spooktacular! It's not even October.

If you've had a ghostly visitor in your dwelling, share my skepticism or want to hang out with a non-ghosthunting kind of gal while her friends are in pursuit of.... whatever, let us know!


Not the Only One in the Village said...

lol! sounds a riot. There's a small company here in Brighton that take tourists and non-tourists alike on Ghost Walks around the city centre. They seem to be kept busy at it. Went on it last year with the kids and it was fun, so who knows the start of an empire perhps!

Rita said...

My friend's partner said that our ghost hunting name should be D.I.P.S - Dykes Investigating Paranormal Stuff.


Not the Only One in the Village said...

lol! Who you gonna call!!!!DIPS..hmmm..trying to visualise the sound-track..('Deeply Dippy 'perhaps???) :-)