Thursday, February 21, 2008

New toys.

No, not those kinds of toys.

Rita's been on a home improvement buying spree. New microwave. New washer and dryer to go in her newly re-modeled (with a folding shelf!) laundry room. Sorting shelves and baskets for the pantry. And like any good lesbian, some sort of gadget sorting/storage device for the garage wall.

As you may have caught on from her marthafication post last week, she's really into this home stuff all of a sudden. She's got the online room looking pretty spiffy too.

It's an obsession. Tonight she was planning a laundry-room-warming sort of party -- something about dump in the fabric softener, do a shot.

She thinks I wasn't listening closely because I was busy working/weather watching/debate watching. But I was. And now I'm scared.

Luckily, my weekend will be spent speed reading the rest, er, okay, all of Eat Pray Love (LOVE EAT PRAY?) for a Sunday book group.

But I'll drop some laundry by.


CJ said...

Ah girls and their toys. We never can have enough!

Rita said...

Ok....maybe I went a little overboard with a "laundry party", but it sounded like a unique twist for a cold February evening.

Right....add a shot of a shot of tequila. What's the problem? :)

Hahn at Home said...

I like the idea of a laundry party. But, who will be the one off which the body shots will be done?

Drowning Pisces said...

Oh...tekillya... just whiskey for me please...

Rita... are you for hire.. my laundry room needs mucho help...and the living room and the kitchen... and the...Oh never mind.

Poker Blinds said...

I have not understood, what you mean?