Sunday, February 17, 2008

The L Word mayhem

Ok.....after watching tonight's episode of "The L Word", I have pretty much decided that I am well over the "Lez Girls" storyline. It really doesn't do much for me. I don't know why they decided that this season was going to be dedicated to Jenny and this movie but they have to move on.

If this season is somebody's warped dream, it is time to WAKE THEM UP! My dream theory is that this is Shane's dream the night before she is supposed to wed Carmen. In this season's last episode, she is going to wake up and discuss this whole crazy thing with Alice over a low-fat latte in the hotel restaurant.

Tonight's episode was pretty lame and even the lustful glances between Bette and Tina couldn't save it. With five episodes to go, I am holding out hope that something turns around here. I don't need to see Bette and Tina ride off into the sunset to make this a good season but there has to be some better storylines between these characters.

I'm not sure who is writing the episodes, but if Season Five is not a's time to call in some new writers or call it quits.

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Lynt said...

Agreed. Oil wrestling aside (only in L.A., might I add).

Shane and Cybill Shepard's daughter were amusing... until Shane lived up to her reputation by tossing out that 'don't flatter yourself' at the end.