Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Local Hillary sighting

Yes.....Hillary made a stop in my hometown of Cincinnati this past weekend to rally the troops. Special thanks to Alicia who was a mere five rows from the Senator when she snapped this picture! "Hill" looks quite jovial don't ya think?

Tonight we are going to endure one more debate between Hillary and Barack in Cleveland. Cleveland? The "mistake by the lake" Cleveland? Um ok. I am trying not to let my Southern Ohio roots show in the form of some piddly state rivalry but it is what it is. It is Cleveland folks.

I have heard that this is the twentieth debate for the Democrats. Does that even seem possible?? 20 debates? (sigh) I guess it is true.

I am still straddling the fence between Barack and Hillary. I would love to see a woman run the White House but I am in some kind of campaign angst with the recent poll numbers that say Barack has a better chance of winning against McPain. Something tugs at my heart and says.....that is probably true.

One more debate.....one more chance for Hillary to shine.....and shine big. This IS it.


CJ said...

I am so surprised that Hillary is not leading the pack for the Democrats. It is not that I dislike Obama, I just thought Hillary had this in the bag.

Rita said...

Unless you are a woman who seriously dislikes Hillary for whatever reason, I think most women were anxious to see a woman become our President. I think we all believe that it is the right time but some disagree on whether or not it should be Hillary.

I found it interesting that Simon Cowell (American Idol fame) said he thinks "Hillary should cry more". Wow....if she did cry more, the media and her opponents would call her weak. However, she plays it strong and tough and people don't like her or don't trust her. She simply can't win.

Unfortunately this is the bias that most women face in today's business world. The women who are strong and assertive are seen as the "class A bitches" and the men who are strong and assertive are seen as "CEO" or "board room" candidates.

As much as I would love to see this happen, if it doesn't happen for Hillary, then I don't see it happening in the next eight years.