Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cheese, coffee and the Hula

Quite the combination, wouldn't ya say?

But this is what its all about tonight - 150 delegates available in Wisconsin, Washington and Hawaii. Doesn't just saying "Hawaii" make you feel warm? I digress.....

I really should have taken a poll early on to see where everyone's head is with the whole presidential election thing. In recent weeks, in talking to many lesbians about the upcoming elections, I have heard mixed reviews. I have heard from a lot of Democrats and I have heard from some Republicans. It has been interesting to hear the viewpoints of other women. Sometimes the conversation is just like pouring gas on a fire.....the discussion is lively and the views at the table are strikingly similar. In other cases, I stoke the fires slowly so that the ladies don't spontaneously combust in five seconds. Yeah....they are that passionate.

My chance to vote in this circus comes in May. I predict that the race won't be as close on the Democrat side by that time so it should assist in my decision making. As for the Republicans, it is all about McCain at this point. It is really pointless for Huckleberry and Paul to even speak about becoming President. Go home fellas.......know when to say "when".

Anyway....I thought I would celebrate the primaries this evening by having a cup of Decaf, chew on a piece of Sharp Cheddar and....well....since Lyn says that I really can't dance.....I will skip the hula this evening.



Lynt said...

Definitely no hula.

I'm sorry I will likely be getting no real 'choice' in this race, living in a state with a May primary.

I did have the obligatory argument with my very southern, another-generation parents. My mom's not happy with either choice, and she's the only sure-fired dem vote. Dad's doing the evangelical thing and voting for the Huckelberry.

Where did I come from? The milkman is looking more and more suspect...yes, I'm old enough to remember a milkman!

CJ said...

Thank you for adding me to your lesbian blogroll!

I agree it's time for Huckabee and Paul to call it quits. At least our former governor Mitt knew when to get out. Can't say I was too sad to see him go.

Rita said...

Well....it looks like Hillary struck out again last night. I am having fears now that if Obama gets the nomination...McCain will make mincemeat out of him....ick

CJ said...

I keep asking myself just what happened to Hillary. I really thought she would be ahead at this point.

Hahn at Home said...

And, here's me, just wanting to know if Lyn taped you doing the hula?

Rita said...

No videos of me doing the hula! Are you kidding? She would be laughing so hard she wouldn't be able to control the camera! ;-)