Monday, February 18, 2008

Check me out.

Rita's a great blogging mentor. She's a darn good girlfriend too.

I tiptoed into the room here a few months back as a contributor, offering up the occasional post. Working my corner of the room so to speak. And I enjoy it.

A lot.

But I feel guilty, like some days I'm taking more than my share of the space. Or posing random thoughts that just don't... fit.

I've been toying with staking out my own piece of the blogosphere for a bit now. And I finally did it this weekend. It's not much to look at, or read, yet. In fact, this whole building a blog process is hard for a tech-challenged non-geek such as me.

But, in true only child fashion, I'm proud to proclaim it's mine all mine.

You can take a look, if you want, at Late Night Latte.

Shameless self-pimping on my sweetie's blog. I'm horrid. I admit it.

She's letting me stick around though. For now.


Hahn at Home said...

I luuurve the new look. I am luuurving the word luurrve too. I am heading over to Late Night Latte right now!

drowning pisces said...

Congrats!!! Hey Hahny.. can I buy you a cup of coffee?... going now!