Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Is it election time yet?

I normally don't place links in my blog commentaries to other sites unless I find them to be poignant and well placed. However, I was reading an online article by Lou Dobbs this afternoon and I found it quite stimulating.

It should give us all a good scare - Republican or Democrat.

We have a huge election coming up in November. If the election is solely driven on "wedge issues" - you know.....the favorites of the religious right.........abortion, gay rights and gun control.....we could be down the same path as we are right now. This election has to focus on the the main issues - Immigration, Social Security and the war. These are the issues that GW has failed with during his eight year reign. Our Congress has failed because they let GW run with governing power unlike any other President.

It wasn't until early last week when his "power" finally got the best of Congress - when the FBI seized documents from William Jefferson's office. Suddenly.........Congressional leaders got a backbone and said....."You can't do this. You are over-reaching with your Executive power!".

What??? You let him do it for 6 years! It's too late to complain about it now!

Anyway.........please read the article that is attached to the link below. I found it very interesting and it drove home some very good points about where we are today.........six months away from the next election.

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