Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Man the lifeboats!

Above-Average Hurricane Season Projected!

New Orleans re-elects Ray Nagin!

Both of these headlines, if used on the same page, should scare the bejeezus out of folks in New Orleans. It is a frightening thought really. While the Army Corp of Engineers are rebuilding the levies, they are nowhere near what they should be to protect the city from another head on collision with a Category 3 storm. Mayor Nagin says he now has a new evacuation plan to get citizens out of the city. Let's call it - Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Hopefully, his plan will actually work and not be quite as comical as the Steve Martin/John Candy movie.

So let's just say they are successful in evacuating the city. What about the city? As I said, the levies will not be strong enough to protect it. Recent news stories about the New Orleans levies sight years and years of government monetary cutbacks when it came to building these levies up to protect it from high category hurricanes. Numerous local agencies could never agree on what was practical and little or no money was thrown at resolving the issue. In other words, the devestation was inevitable and it will be again.

After Katrina, billions of dollars were poured into New Orleans by people and corporations from around the globe to get the city back up on its feet and provide aid. I gave a monetary donation because I thought it was the charitable thing to do. I can't say that I am going to repeat my performance year after year after year if the city or state government does not take the steps to a more permanent solution. I don't think that they will find Americans as generous the second or third time around.

Hurricane season starts on June 1st. Many Americans will sit glued to their televisions when the storm path sets its sights on New Orleans.'s good television.

Who needs Big Brother or Survivor anyway? A new reality show begins next month...............

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