Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mary Cheney

Mary Cheney's new book is called "Now It's My Turn". Apparently it is filled with her thoughts and feelings of the last six years that she has chosen to keep to herself.

I watched her on Larry King last night talking about her life and the book. It doesn't appear that the book contains any new revelations about her that we don't already know. Yes....she is gay and is living happily with her partner. She is against the Marriage Amendment yet still thinks George Bush is the best thing since sliced bread. While this book may indeed be "her turn", I don't believe that she is really showing a side to herself that we don't already see. She appears to be a devoted Republican and refuses to make any waves with any kind of political statement even though GW and Dick are well into the "lame duck" portion of their terms. In fact, she appears to be a "chip off the old block". She is Dick in a blonde wig.

The timing of her book and her appearance on Larry King are nothing more than a good will campaign for the GLBT vote. With elections drawing near and the Republicans in trouble, she has become the token lesbian who is so devoted to her father she would do anything to garnish more Republican votes. Unfortunately, her book is receiving bad reviews on both sides of the aisle so it may just end up being a wash.

Thanks, but no thanks Mary. You continue to lose golden opportunities to do something really worthwhile for the community that you say you embrace.

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