Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gobble gobble?

I looked forward to spending the first morning of my three day weekend sleeping in for a couple hours. It had been a hectic week last week.

It was about 7:35 when I heard a peculiar screeching sound outside. The screech was a cross between a crow and a duck. Since it was earlier than I had planned on getting up, I stayed in bed and tried to go back to sleep. No luck.

I got up about 25 minutes later and as I raised my bedroom blind, I saw them. Four wild turkeys outside of my bedroom window. Actually, three hens and a "Tom". (according to Google he can also be called a Gobbler - imagine that) Apparently, it is mating season and this guy was all "puffed up" and giving the ladies his best effort.

Now even though it was early, I must say my interest was piqued because never have I had the opportunity to witness the mating rituals of the American Wild Turkey. Imagine........."Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" in my own backyard!

Anyway, his whole routine looked familiar to what I have seen in some bars - gay or straight. The "Tom" put on his best show........feathers fluffed out like a peacock......chested thrusted forward. He strutted around the three hens for at least 30 minutes - who were either playing "hard to get" or simply not interested.

After thirty minutes of watching this sad spectacle and deciding that this must end for the "Toms" sake, I picked up my 16 pound cat Oscar and set him on the window ledge.

This cooled his mood dramatically and everyone mosied off into the woods.

It's left me craving a turkey club.

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