Monday, June 19, 2006

Ho hum

~Good tidings to one and all!~

Yes yes.......I have a been a bit laxed in my postings of late. You know is Summer. I have been out and about doing those summer fun things.......volleyball games on Friday night, summer parties......yada yada yada. My girlfriend and I are planning a nice 4th of July getaway at some far away hilltop somewhere. I have never been there but it sounds restful. We debated the whole camping thing for awhile. You know......sleeping in a tent instead of the Hilton? Yeah well.......we decided on a nice little cabin. I have never been camping and I just could not think of a worst time to go camping - in the middle of summer. Yikes! Who wants to sleep in that hot weather with mosquitos? Anywho.......I should have lots of enlightening moments that I can share with you when I return. ha!

So have you caught the new television show "Treasure Hunters"? and "TC" watched the first episode last night and we are hooked. Greedy little vixens we are.......clamoring to win the treasure by playing along with the online game. I must say it has been quite fun. I don't know if any of you remember the PC game "Myst"? The online version of "Treasure Hunters" reminds me a lot of that game. It appears that the next episode of the television show won't be on for another week so if you have a chance to catch the rerun of the opening epidsode and play along online - you too will be amused. Ok....maybe not as much as me but maybe slightly.

Before I go this evening, I would be remiss if I didn't talk about Miss Mary Cheney's book. I have heard it has only sold 6500 copies. Simon and Schuster will be hard pressed to see any of the million dollar advance they gave "old Mare" to write the damn thing.'s like I said......she so desparately wants to be a part of the family but she is looking like a two-headed monster instead.............a Republican monster at that.

So that is all I know for now...........and that is probably a good thing at this point! More on my camping misadventures later!

Ta Ta!

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