Monday, June 06, 2011

Ramblings of a woman ready for a vacation

Yes......I start my vacation on Friday. Heading to my favorite spot in the U.S......Boston MA. So these are my ramblings as I moan and groan my way through 3 more days of work.
  • Sarah Palin - still an idiot. It's funny. Every time she embarrasses herself in front of the entire world, those who support her attack President Obama for all of his shortcomings. When she is quiet....they are quiet. All political leaders have had gaffes, mistakes and blunders. Why can't they just call her out on it just once?
  • Great news! While I am on vacation, Kip will be spending a week at the trainer's getting a refresher course on manners. He is all of 16 months and he is feeling his "oats". It is so nice to know that I can fully relax and not worry about him. Phew!
  • I had to skip two days of my c25k program in the last week due to a sore Achilles heel. I decided to play co-ed softball this summer and of course.....I am doing a lot of sprints which have left me feeling all of my 45 years in three weeks. Ugh. My grandmother was right when she told me "don't ever get old".
  • I am bringing a book along with me on vacation. I'm not a huge reader but when I do pick one I like non-fiction stuff. I chose the Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton book "Furious Love" to read while I lounge around and eat chowdah and lobster!
  • Speaking of chowdah.....I will be sitting at my favorite chowdah spot in downtown Boston around Noon on Friday - The Union Oyster House. I have not found a bowl that I like any better. I have heard that there is a place in P-Town that has pretty good chowdah. Hmmmm we shall see!
So what are your plans for the weekend? Relaxing? Yardwork? Chowdah?!

Somebody get me to the airport!

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