Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last day in Boston/Cape - Airport

We left P-Town about 9:30 this morning for the trek back to Logan Airport. It has been a nice relaxing trip. My head feels clearer and I feel like I can now redirect my energies to things that have drained me. Of course.....the sun was shining most of the drive back (and it is still out here at Logan). We had two sunny days to speak of.....our first day and our last day. It's gotta be Murphy's Law. :(  I packed sunscreen not dreaming that I would never even contemplate applying it. Ahhhhh......such is life. Tomorrow I will get up, cut my front yard and then go to the pool for a little Indiana sunshine.

My ever faithful pooch Kip will return to me tomorrow night after spending a week at mini-boot camp. He needed a little refresher course on how to be a well behaved 92 pound doggie. I missed him every time I saw a dog in P-Town. The town was crawling with canines so I thought of him often. He has a few pig ears coming home with me so he will have a nice little treat waiting for him.

It's a little after 4pm. Our flight leaves at 5:50 or so. We got here about 2:45 so we have been here a little while. You never know about the Boston traffic so it was probably a good thing that we got here early. The "accommodations" at Logan are quite nice. Lots of power stations to plug into, nice comfy seats and free wi-fi for those of us who feel the need to blog a few lines. It's lovely, just lovely.

A quick glance at the weather radar shows rain in the Cincinnati tri-state area. YAY! More clouds and rain.........I love it! Perhaps I should get a cocktail before I get on the plane.

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