Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 2 - Boston I am in the lobby of the Westin Waterfront just killing a little time on my blog. Our first day in Boston kept us busy with visiting some of my regular "haunts" such as the Union Oyster House and Mike's Pastry. It is a must stop for me! After that we spent a bit of time walking around downtown Boston.

We went over to the North Chuch so that we could "right" the Sarah Palin facts that she was spewing on her stop here a few days ago. What a piece of work she is! She has her defenders and I still don't know how any decent educated woman can support someone who lacks the educational foundation to speak about even the most minute things! I just don't get it and maybe that is what some of her supporters would say of me! Ha! I will happily give any other Republican woman a listen if she is even 25% more eloquent in her responses to life's easy and difficult questions. Bring it!

By the fact that Sarah Palin missed last week. Paul Revere was a Bruins fan! He was! I have proof!

Today.....we head back into Boston for the Pride Parade. It should be a full day and I am really looking forward to it! Unfortunately the weather looks like it is going to suck (rainy and chilly) but I am willing to roll along with it!

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