Monday, December 12, 2005

Knockin' on the closet door

This weekend, as my companion and I were driving around town listening to Christmas tunes on the radio, a Barry Manilow Christmas tune came on. This got me thinking.

Why doesn't he come out of the damn closet?

I mean really. Is there anyone in the gay and lesbian community who doesn't think he is the "Queen" of the syrupy ballads? It calls to mind the sad life of Liberace. By no means do I want to read about his demise and watch some 26 year old boyfriend surface to tell us all about the life he had with him. Can you see that happening? Egads

Now, I don't mind Barry Manilow's music. God knows, I sang my share of his songs in high school chorus. He has had great success worldwide. However, let's think about some of his songs. Is "Mandy" really "Randy"? What about that "Weekend in New England" (at some fabulous B & B)?
Is there a closeted hidden meaning in there somewhere? Should I be chuckling out loud when my mother hums "Can't Smile Without You"?

Barry.......listen up babe.....its easy. Melissa did it. Ellen did it. Come on out of the closet........the water is fine and little old ladies will still come to see you in Vegas.

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