Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Returns

So how did you do with your Christmas presents? Were your gifts met with bewildered looks? Questionable stares? Better yet.........."Oh I absolutely love this! Where did you get it"? In other words......I would absolutely love to take this back to that store because this gift is obviously suited for someone else.

Ah happens. And it did happen to me. My father didn't like the gas card I chose for him because his gas station allegiances run deeper than I imagined. My mother was also a bit disappointed with the flannel pajamas I gave her because "Small" seemed to be a bit large. Arguing the point that pajamas do not normally run in "Petites" was a bit more of a discussion than I wanted to have at that point.

I am making notes of this on my blog this evening so I have a written history for next year. For better or for worse, it starts all over again in 365 days.

May I grow a little wiser in 2006.............

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