Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Friday!!!

This has been quite the week! So many things going on in my life and in Lyn's life that it has got me running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off. I am so ready just to grab a cocktail and sit back and relax.

The week started off by a big family weekend with visiting relatives. They only come home once a year and when they do everybody drops everything and starts making plans centered around them. So all week I have had random invitations to come to dinner, eat out, etc etc. You know how it is........someone close to you is on vacation for a week and the subtle (or not so subtle) expectation is that you will be as free-wheeling as they are for seven days. Nice in theory but the rest of us who have other responsibilities just can't keep up.

In the last month or so I have been entertaining new job opportunities and dealing with those negotiations have kept me distracted a bit. So it is natural that my family wants to know all about it every single day I see them. I just got to the point where I told my Mom - gently - don't call me I will call you. Ok.....that was paraphrased a bit but I just couldn't take one more morning call asking me if I had heard anything yet. Eeeeeek! I compare it to the child sitting in the backseat of the car saying "Are we there yet?" repeatedly. Who needs more anxiety on top of the command appearances at family dinners for the relatives that come home once a year?

One highlight of the week was that I had my brand spankin' new iPhone! Ahhh arrived last Friday afternoon. Do I think it is all that and a bag of chips? OH YESSSS! I have downloaded some fabulous new applications from iTunes that keep me even more connected to the world that I ever have been before. Lyn has gotten her hands on the device as well and agrees that this really is one amazing little gadget. The best part about this is........this type of phone technology will only get better because of the iPhone's capabilities. Everyone wants to be bigger and better. Competition breeds better stuff my friends!

Lyn's little dog Bailey had a little overnight stay at the vet this week. All I can say is thank God there are emergency vet clinics where your beloved pet can get quick attention to their medical emergencies! They can happen to all of us and the upside to these emergency clinics is that you don't have to wait in line like you do at the human hospitals! Lyn was already concerned enough but if she had to sit in a waiting room for 5 hours it would have been reeeeaaally ugly. It looks like Bailey will be just fine and simply needs to have her diet adjusted. I have been warned that all treats - other than the crude, bland, lifeless dog biscuits - will be off limits to Bailey. This will take a bit of self-control on my part now because the dog has a certain level of expectation of me. Kinda like the relatives who come to visit once a year..........

Lastly...I received an email from a friend yesterday that outlined the Book of Revelations and how Obama may be the anti-Christ. Needlesstosay, she is a McPain supporter and would rather vote for McPain than cast a vote for Obama. Enough said on that one.

So this weekend it is about regaining life as we know it. Hopefully we will be able to get caught up on some movies. I hear The Dark Knight is great! I am hearing mixed reviews on Mamma Mia. I would be interested in hearing from someone who saw either one of these movies to get your reviews!


CJ said...

Wow, it has been quite a week for you. The iphone sounds great. You are tempting me a bit here. Still worried about dropping the sucker however.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Lynt said...

did you REALLY post this at 4:23 a.m.?????

Rita said...

Yes...this was really posted at 4:23 am.

Wendy said...

Now,now... be nice. I figue if I have to endlessly see obama, hear about obama, and have his message of unknown change shoved down my thoat, you can at least humor my forwarded emails that are intended to send obama fans into a frenzy!

On another note... I saw Mamma Mia yesterday and really liked it. Pam thought it was just ok. I thought Meryl Streep was wonderful in it. I have heard that dark Knight was good...but it isn't a movie I would want to see.

Sue said...

I heard the Dark Night is AMAZING in IMAX ~ we are planning to see it next Sunday at out local IMAX. Heard Heath Ledger stole the show. No interest at all in Mamma Mia. Glad Bailey is ok! 17 more days until San Francisco vacation...but who's counting?