Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone Friday was iPhone Friday! I arrived promptly at the store at 6:10 this morning. There were 21 people and a Chocolate Lab in front of me. (sigh) So I took a seat on the closest bench to my place in line and waited.

At 7 am, there were about 15 people behind me when the store manager came out and proclaimed - "Folks....I only have 20 phones today." (gulp) "Twenty phones?" we gasped, "Only twenty?" "That's right.....only twenty." he said. I started my count again of the crowd in front of me to make sure I was not wrong. I wasn't wrong. I was 22 - 23 counting the dog.

I shouted out to the folks in front of me - some of which spent the night in front of the damn store - "How many of you are actually buying a phone today?". Hands began to raise and some of those folks with them did not raise their hands. They were there for the thrill of this I suppose. I counted again - 5, 10, 14 and I was 15! I had a chance! Maybe I wouldn't have to order one and wait ten more days! My heart started beating rapidly and my mouth got dry.

"Ok".......said a gentlemen in front of me. "How many of you want the 8 GB phone and how many of you want the 16 GB phone?" The hands and the shout outs began again. There were ten people in front of me who wanted one of the ten 16 GB phones. (sigh) I would have to order one because I wanted a 16 GB phone and was not content in settling for something less.

Undaunted, I waited my turn in line from 8am to 9am and then went in and placed my order for a Black 16 GB iPhone. I even bought myself a nifty iPhone holder for my belt for when this new little toy arrives in 10 days.

Yes I know. Who stands in front of a store two hours before it opens? Well....I do, but at least I didn't camp out. Although.....if I had I would be blogging tonight from my iPhone and not from my PC. Who knew the store would only be given 20 phones? I was expecting them to get 50! From what I hear, the store I was standing in front of was one of the shorter lines. In Kentucky, the nearest store had 75 people standing out front and some of them started their "campout" at 5pm the previous day!!

Again.....ya gotta know me. I love electronic gadgets. It is an adrenaline rush for me to hold one of these iPhones in my hand. I break out into a sweat and my heart beats rapidly. This is the most exciting little gadget that I have seen in a long while. It can do some amazing things and it is truly fun to use.

So while I am a bit disappointed that it is not in my hot little hands right at this moment, I know that I only have to wait a little while longer to enjoy it. For those of you who were able to get one today, don't leave it lying around anywhere.....I have nine more days to go!


eb said...

My son, 19, waited 4 hours today to get his.

I, 23, waited 5 hours for Bruce Springsteen tickets in 1984.

Every generation has their lines.

Julie Niesen said...

I have to wait until February, which is when I'm eligible for an upgrade. I guess I'm just not hardcore enough to want to pay $200 extra. Did I spend a half hour playing with one at the Apple store today, though? Oh, yes...

Rita said...

I am one of the lucky ones switching from Sprint to AT&T so I get the bargain basement price. If you are waiting until February, it is likely that the 32 Gig version will be out for you to purchase. This might be more attractive to users who have a lot of music/videos on their iPods.

CJ said...

Only 20 phones! That's disappointing but hopefully yours will be here before you know it.

Julie Niesen said...

I'm hoping. 16 GB isn't quite enough for me, and my current, old 20 GB iPod is on its way to the great iTunes store in the sky. I'm hoping it makes it through the next four or five airplane trips I make in the meantime-- I don't want to have to buy a new one. Ugh!