Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Suspicious Minds

Thanks to Drowning Pisces for the tag -- things of which we are suspicious meme.

Since we come as a pair at Working the Room (bogo) Rita's items will appear in italic; Lynt's not.

1) Mimes. Need I say more?

2) Salespeople. All varieties.

3) Half-price donuts.

4) My boss.

5) Smelling smoke, seeing no fire.

6) Cats. I know. Take away my toaster oven.

7) Giddy girlfriends.

8) Bleu cheese.

9) Optimistic head football coaches -- aka Marvin Lewis, anytime in July.

10) Nancy Grace.

11) Things in brown paper bags.

12) Decaf coffee.

13) All you can eat Chinese buffets. Especially anything labeled chicken.

14) Dated elevator inspection certificates.

15) Feet tapping in a public restroom stall. (Thank you, Idaho Statesman)

16) Anything 'she who is not mentioned here' says.

17) Ex-es bearing gifts.

18) Loose sushi.

19) 'It will only hurt for a second'.

20) Garden gnomes.

I must say that this was an extremely fun little exercise. I think Lyn and I could have gone on for about another twenty minutes if we didn't have cats begging for attention and a little dog begging for another rice cake. Thank you for passing it along DP!


Hahn at Home said...

Bleu Cheese? Bleu Cheese? What, the mold? Like today's Ranch is tomorrow's Bleu Cheese? What?

Lynt said...

Exactly... the whole concept of bleu mold. That said, I adore a nice wedge of Maytag. Just never sure I should.