Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stupid Move of the Week

I heard a story on the news this afternoon as I was driving home that is a prime example of how "over the top" we all have become in regards to rules and regulations that were set up with the best of intentions.

A 10 year old girl was arrested at school for using a steak knife to cut up her lunch. That's right. She brought the knife in her lunch bag to cut up a piece of steak she brought with her for lunch. School officials state that she did not use the knife inappropriately and she didn't threaten anyone with it. She simply used it to cut up her lunch. A couple of teachers who saw her, took the knife and then called the sheriff. The teachers said anytime time there is a "weapon" on campus they are charged to report it to the police. The sheriff tried to contact the parents and were unable to reach them so they proceeded to arrest her and take her to juvenile hall. They said that it is the school's policy and if they are called they have to take some kind of action.

The girl now faces a felony charge for possession of a weapon and has been suspended from school for ten days.

If eating utensils are weapons, has anyone considered how deadly a fork could be? Maybe we should just ask children to eat with their hands. That is what we are talking about here folks.....children! Fifth graders! Just the fact that the school officials told the sheriff that she was simply eating her food and going about her business is in itself laughable. A ten year old girl now faces a felony charge for using a eating utensil.

Have we lost our minds?


Hahn at Home said...

This country is so CLUELESS. And we lack any semblance of common sense. Those people coming to school with actual automatic weapons just breeze right in, don't they?

ida said...

ok - i have to ask - in what state / city did this happen?

btw - i'm constantly amazed to hear of individuals being arrested for their fourteenth, tenth, etc. dui. apparently it's ok to drive drunk, repeatedly - i wonder what would happen if one of those folks was fund to have a steak knife in their lunch bucket? ...

drowning pisces said...

If we were half as interested in getting math and science skills up as we are in reporting the use of lethal eating utensils we would probably be on to something!