Saturday, December 08, 2007

Obama vs. Clinton - or is it?

The latest news to hit the stands this week was that Oprah was going to speak at several campaign stops this weekend in support of Senator Obama. The idea is that the most powerful woman on television (not ready to say "the world" at this point) will attempt to woo her female fan base into voting for Obama.

Can Oprah pull women voters in enough to vote for a man instead of voting for Hillary? This is the question of the day. We have a very strong candidate in Hillary - well-educated and tremendous governmental experience. I am going to go out on a limb and say that probably 75% of the women in America would love to have a woman as President of the United States. So based on that I don't know if Oprah can swing the female vote to Obama over Clinton. I mean.....this isn't her book of the month......this is for the most powerful office in the U.S.

I like Oprah and I admire her for creating her empire out of nothing. She is the role model for what you can do if you only put your mind to it. She is living the American dream. Now....all that aside.........I don't think it will be as easy to "sell" Barack Obama to women as it is to sell one of her favorite novels. Women want to be assured that there is someone in office who can relate to them. Someone who can reel America back into place, mend fences with our allies and get us out of this stupid war. For centuries (post 1940) it has been the woman who has kept the house in order and kept families together. There is just a maternal instinct that goes along with being a woman and it is that instinct along with her education and experience that makes her the candidate for which women would be drawn. So it is time to bring this "U.S. house" in order.

So we need to remember, Oprah isn't running for office. She is only campaigning for Senator Obama. It is not Oprah vs. Hillary. This weekend, it is not just about who is the better educated/experienced candidate, it is about who appeals to the most women.

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