Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have to tell ya......this week has been enlightening. Don't get me wrong. I am fully aware of the whole gay men cruising thing, but the idea of picking up someone in a restroom had not really crossed my mine. Leave it to a man......straight or figure a restroom to be a fabulous hookup hotspot.

I can't say that any self-respecting lesbian I know would do it. And if they did, their technique would probably be more clever than tapping your heels together as you sit on the throne. I am picturing something out of the Wizard of Oz!

It is fitting that the Senator is from I-da-ho. He certainly has gained the reputation of being with other people other than his wife. While I don't feel sorry for him, I do feel sad for her. Sad not sorry. She obviously knows or suspects that he has a problem and she turns the other head. It is sad that she continues to stand by him even after he failed to share this arrest with her when it originally happened. Who does that to a partner?

But yes I know.....I really don't want to cast a guilty eye on the Senator because that wouldn't be fair. Oh wait......he pleaded guilty, didn't he? Yeah....that is interesting too. A well-educated man....schooled in law.........pleading guilty to something he wasn't guilty of just so it would go away. Interesting tactic considering he is a high profile person who is already being creamed by his local paper, the "I-da-ho Statesman".

This is all making sense now..................

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Hahn at Home said...

I hope you go visit Ask A Lesbian, she has some pithy commentary on this subject you might enjoy.

Glad you're back blogging more regularly.