Sunday, August 26, 2007

Football 2007

Ahhhhh here we are season! For those of us who love this time of year it has been a long time coming.

However, I have to count on the Bengals performing well to truly enjoy the season. We have very fair weather fans here in Cincinnati and I guess we have every reason to be skeptical. After enduring the debaucal of the 1990 seasons we are running short in the faith department. We have gotten close to post season activity but have fallen short in the last two seasons due to miserable performances or intentional injury to our players.

So here we are.....yet again. The schedule is not incredibly tough. I see a few games that will definitely speak to the talent on this team. Are we in this to win or are we just a perceived threat with nothing to back it up with?

Of course.....there is one game on this schedule that is the most important to me and that is the Monday Night Football matchup with the Patriots on 10/1. This game is happening waaaayyyy too early in the season for my liking. I only have three games to make a legitimate decision on whether or not I intend to make a bet with my friends in Boston. Placing bets with my friends has only been favorable for them.........and miserable for me. So being prudent is advantageous.

For those of you who are football widows, don't lose heart. If the team really stinks you will have your partner's full attention by Christmas............just in the nick of time.



Lyn said...

I AM a fair weather fan and okay with that. I don't like to lose. And I like Blue (we uppercase that in Kentucky). And horses.

Hahn at Home said...

I used to watch the Bengals or the Browns play the Bills back in the day Joe Ferguson was QB for Buffalo and then again when Jim (Can't win a Superbowl) Kelly used to play. T'ain't nothin' like good ball out East. If your tits don't freeze off while sitting in the stadium, you're doing something wrong. Enjoy the season.

Sue said...

I think any bets made need to be made NOW before the season opener to make it fair...come on sistah...put your $$ where your mouth is and GO PATS!!!!

Rita said...

Wait wait wait.....bets should be made now to be FAIR?? What a joke! The Bengals are an underdog to the Patriots! Analysts are predicting the Patsies to go to the Super Bowl!

You should be feeling confident enough in your team to care less when I suggest a bet based on the fact it is the lowly Bungles!

Lachlan said...

As a born-n-bred Ohioan, I'll ALWAYS root for the Bengals or Browns (hell, anybody) against the Pats. No offense to the talented team, but I loathe Belichick and his arrogance. I loathe him even MORE after Cameragate.mys