Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Barack Obama

What would life be without one more blog about the presidential candidates?

I watched the debates on Logo the other night. I must say that after this debate I am beginning to doubt whether Barack has it in him to be our President. He has hopes, dreams and aspirations. I am easily charmed by his vision for a better and brighter tomorrow. Who doesn't want all that?

However, we have to acknowledge that he is not going to get his way on every issue. The next President of the United States is going to be closely watched in regards to how he/she uses his powers. Of course, we have "Dubya" and Dick to thank for that extra scrutiny. So I have to be a bit skeptical about some of the ideas that Barack has recently proposed.

I don't want to say that he views the world through rose colored glasses but he certainly has such a fresh approach that perhaps his naivity is showing. Maybe a little more experience in Senate is necessary in his case.

I don't want a politician to lead me down the garden path of goodness and light. I want them to be honest and straightforward. Don't pull any punches. We all know being President is not an easy job. You have high hopes going in but you cannot be fooled into thinking that every initiative that you want to pass is going to fly through the House and the Senate unchallenged.

I think that with each debate we clearly see how much more educated and realistic the other candidates are in comparsion to Barack Obama. I have to give him a A+ for his enthusiasm and optimism but I just don't think that is enough to carry him through trying times as President.

I want to know that we have a strong person leading our country instead of a puppet with a strong VP pulling the strings. We have already endured seven years of that scenario.
542 more days to go!

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