Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a week!

Wow, where do I begin? So much to talk about and it is only Tuesday!

Let's start with the debate! I think the YouTube thing was a fabulous idea. They succeeded in bringing a national town hall meeting to a room in South Carolina. I am sure that CNN was flooded with questions and I am not jealous of the person who had to wade through hours of 30 second videos to choose the most pragmatic of the bunch. As a technology freak, I can totally rally behind using today's technology to inspire more Americans to be more involved in the election process. Hillary looked great, Obama showed his growing pains.........and who was that old guy on the end? Gravel something? Honestly.....they could have clipped two people from each side of the stage and we really would have had a more lively debate with more YouTube questions!

Drew Carey......come on down?!! Whoa......totally surprised me on that one but I guess a comedian is the best person to fill Bob's shoes. I am sure that CBS was particularly antsy to fill its daytime slot with something other than Bob's reruns. I just don't know if Drew is the kind of guy you fall all over. Maybe the old ladies will rush the stage to kiss Drew but I kinda doubt that he will get the same reception from the younger crowd. But then again.....ya never know. This was probably the best choice to fill a difficult position.

Calling all cars....Calling all cars......Lindsey Lohan is on the loose again! I honestly thought that this merry-go-round had stopped once she disappeared into rehab. She never fails to disappoint. She has been arrested again for drunk driving and it looks like she had a little cocaine with her this time. I really do feel sorry for her because she obviously has no one close that has half a mind to bring this train wreck to a screeching halt. It simply keeps getting worse and worse. Paris darling.........ring up Lindsey and fill her in on the latest prison fashion!

Barry Bonds. Ok.......we know he is going to break this record. Do I care? No....I don't. The main reason and the only reason is because he is tainted. No matter if he admits it or not......the record means nothing to most Americans outside of San Francisco. This is a guy who could be swimming in endorsements but corporate America won't even touch him because of the steroid allegations. Throw in his award winning personality and why would you want to celebrate this accomplishment? It's a tough day in baseball but it will survive just as it has survived all of the other mishaps along the way. We in Cincinnati have one of our own - Pete Rose.

And on a happier note...........the NFL began training camps this week! YAY!

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Lyn said...

Just a note to say Edwards and Richardson both impressed me. Hillary is 'on message' every second and that will pay off in the long run, I have to think. My favorite question was the healthcare montage question -- wow, you have to credit the You Tube format with putting a face on the challenges facing the country. We need to host a viewing party for the Republican debate -- that is going to be highly entertaining.