Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pope Benedict - King of the Catholics

Ahhhh yes......the Vatican declared today that the Catholic Church is the one true church and the only church that is a full church of Jesus Christ. The other churches.......well....they are only secondary entities. According to the Vatican and Pope Benedict, if they can't recognize the papacy of "The Pope"......they are wounded. They are limping around with no real reason to exist.

I wish I was joking about this self-righteous comment but if you look at Reuters.com and search for Christians...........you will find the whole ugly story.

Gone are the days of saintly Pope John Paul.....the friend to all people of all religions. The same Pope who had open dialogue with all faiths in ecumenical councils without a biased word one way or another. Granted..........there are many opinions and facts about the Catholic faith......but Pope John Paul seemed to be a kindlier, gentler soul.

Ok....let's come back to reality with Pope Benedict. He believes that even with his edict today that the Catholic Church is determined to maintain dialogues with other Christians. Wow.....who is likely to believe that any conversation with the Vatican is going to go well or come without any preconceived ideas? Who will want to talk to him?

Today, "The Church" has slipped even farther back into the middle ages. The belt has been tightened and a clear signal has been sent that there will be no more wishy-washy, gentler, kinder souls hanging around the Vatican.

I am sure that he is only warming up. His arrogance will be his downfall.

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