Friday, November 17, 2006

Ohio State vs. Michigan

Oh good gawd........could there be any bigger matchup in college football? I know that there are other matchups out there that people feel passionate about, but I think this one is framed in sweat, blood and tears.

The hype in Ohio is awesome....huge even! I mean.....this year is bigger than it ever has been in all the years that these two teams have engaged in this battle. The OSU coach Woody Hayes started this venerable, clash of the titans. He inspired the "we can't stand 'em" attitude. This just isn't a game. If the Buckeye fans could dig Woody up and prop him up on the field.....they would do it!

I have a friend who attended OSU and she is a manic, stark raving mad fan. She bleeds scarlet and gray! This matchup is the matchup that Emily waits for all year. Any other just that......just another game. This game......winning or losing about pride. It's all about beating Michigan baby. Nothing more and nothing less.

We will all gather together tomorrow....OSU grads or not........and support this battle. This is the climax to a fabulous, over-the-top season. Both teams have excellent records. The winner of this game will feel the emotion shared by many players that have passed before them. Decades of fierce rivalry that comes down to this one game.

This year, the National Championship is the reward. But don't let anyone fool you, any OSU alumni will tell matter what happens with the's all about this game and nothing else.

Go Bucks!

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